Back when Americans didn’t complain about vaccines, motorcyclists had to wear helmets in 47 of 50 states

Dennis Hopper, Peter Fonda and Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider (1969)

Also fucked, fucking, fucker, motherfucker, and Airbnfuckingbs

Once Republicans became the party of fantasies and tantrums and putting on a show, Marjorie Taylor Greene was inevitable

Photo: Getty Images / The Washington Post

Redesigning life for the post-pandemic world: #1 in a series

The author in his home office in Brooklyn, photo by Erik Tanner for The New York Times

And why Mank, a movie about the making of Citizen Kane, got more Oscar nominations than any other movie this year

A still from David Fincher’s Mank

Unlike the “cultural populism” that costs them nothing, the GOP’s rich rulers can’t abide real share-the-wealth populism

How an article about genomic sequencing led to an afternoon playing around with AI branding tools

I have seen the post-pandemic future: we all get superpowers, but they’re probably only temporary, so enjoy them while you can

The next step after Covid relief: relieving employers of health insurance costs — and allowing them to finally pay workers $15/hour

Talkin’ ‘bout my g-g-g-generation — and why we need to redraw the boundary lines

Photo: Rob DeMartin/Spotify

Kurt Andersen

Award-winning, bestselling author (Evil Geniuses, Fantasyland, True Believers, Heyday, Turn of the Century) and creator of media (Studio 360, Inside, SPY).

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